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Nele Fiers


This energetic lady really is a musical centipede.


She plays the accordion, the euphonium [which is quite a big thing], the piano, and she sings as well. She’s even good at ringing a bicycle bell and telling stupid jokes!


She’s a professional music therapist and has been working independently for “Muze op maat" since 2017.

She shares a stage with Crêpe Brûlée and BAZIEL, among others.


During rehearsals she keeps this fivesome in line… with varying degrees of success.

Sammy Jo Logghe
Sammy Jo Logghe


Started music school at the age of eight and has never let go of it since.

She played the violin for a while, but then exchanged it for the most beautiful instrument of all: the human voice.

Ever since she was contaminated by this vocal microbe, she has been singing in various choirs for years ...


Proud mama of Lore and Wout.


She has to dot all the i’s, both at work and musically.


Works as a project assistant at Global Estate Group

DSC_0201-Lien Front.jpg
Lien Blomme

This sporty mum was brought up with a passion for music and continuously passes it through to her children.

She combines singing in the project choir CHANTage with directing children's musicals.

With her classical piano and music education, and her experience as a former conductor of a children's choir, she is the perfect fifth for Voxination. 

In her spare time she’s also a sixth grade primary school teacher.
This resulted in her being nominated 'teacher of the year' already twice. 

And that’s why she can call King Filip a distant friend... 😜

DSC_0209_Piet front.jpg
Piet Soete

Studied singing and piano at the Conservatory of Music in Ostend. 
He created a number of musicals for his children's choir together with Herman Van Synghel.


In 2000 he developed Hopla, a new VRT television children's program, for which he wrote not only 150 scripts, but also all nursery tunes.

From 2000 on Piet has been a member of the vocal ensemble "Septem Viri", and in the meantime he also enjoys touring around with the musical theatre show "Crème au beurre"...


Together with Bart Verhelle and Arnold Sercu he has a unique and honest Dutch listening show, called “In the footsteps of Toon".

DSC_0243_Bart front.jpg
Bart Van Synghel

Bart is a dyed-in-the-wool singer. His many years of membership in various choirs and music groups until today have firmly shaped him musically.


One of his passions is singing a cappella. He’s the founder of Vocal ensemble Septem Viri, organisor of the biennial international a cappella festival Stemvork in Torhout… and initiator of this cheerful quintet.


And in graphic design, another passion of his, he hasn’t been idle either.

Within Voxination he takes care of the external cont[r]acts.


We often call him Jack of all trades!